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Story Continues@Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello readers, before i continue with my story, i shall re-intro my characters as some of you all suggested i give an individual intro as my video was not much clear. Therefore sit-back relax and enjoy the story..Once again, all suggestions are welcomed :)

From top left: Charulatha, Dharmesh, Shridharani,
Bottom Left: Gautham Varma, Pranasha, Sumesh

Left: Pranasha , Right Shridharani
Chapter 5

Dharmesh waited at the station but, there was no sign of Dharani. He went to work. She was early for work. Morning!!! Greeted Pranasha, “Good morning” said Dharani. So how was yesterday night, any spark? Asked Nasha..Dharani explained to her what happen last after she went home.. Nasha was shocked and she said “Well I know why you did not want to try the top he bought for you but he did not know and you should have told him. How can I tell..what am I suppose to tell that I’m..she stopped there cause her boss walked to their table to give them their task.

Dharani said, we shall talk later..Nasha just sighed and went to do her work. It was going to be lunch time and Dharani did not receive any call or message from Dharmesh, so she messaged while she was about to type her message, she received one from Dharmesh saying “hi, busy? Did not get to see you today, is everything fine?” She was contemplating on whether to tell him or not..but instead, she replied “hello, ya had some urgent work to be done so had to go work earlier. I’m sorry about yesterday night, one day I will explain to you.” He on the other side, was wondering what was the problem..

It was lunch time, as Dharani and Pranasha went out for lunch, while walking she saw him from far, so Dharani pulled Pranasha and hid behind a pillar. Nasha went “Ouch..what was that for” Dharani while she rest her head on the pillar, closing her eyes and clenched her fist and said to Nasha, “that is him” “Who” asked Nasha. The guy walking with the Black stripe shirt with white pants, he is Sumesh.

Dharani, have you gone mad? Why are you hiding yourself, If I were you I would walk across him and show him that I am living a better life than he can imagine, said Nasha.

No..No..we shall go the other way, said Dharani. Oh hell no, we are going to walk across, and Nasha pulled Dharani and walked across, Sumesh and Dharani’s eyes met but Dharani was dragged by Nasha. The girl beside Sumesh asked, who is she? He replied “a woman whom I am trying to forget”

During lunch, Nasha asked, if it is bothering you, why not have a talk with Dharmesh and tell him about Sumesh. Dharani said if it was so simple, I would have..Well one day you have to tell him, and I guess the earlier the better. Or if you don’t feel like telling, I will tell Dharmesh, said Nasha. Oh no..please..somehow I will tell him. said Dharani.

Lunch time was over, Dharmesh got a message. His message ringtone rang as “You got a message from Shridharani” he immediately went to his desk to take his phone. The sms conversation:

Dharani: had your lunch?

Dharmesh: yes girl, how about you?’

Dharani: yes, by the way will be free on Friday, we shall meet up for dinner.?

Dharmesh: ohh sure no problem

Dharani: anyway just want to inform you, we will be meeting at the train platform this week due to my tight schedule.

Dharmesh: ohhh okiess, we shall keep in touch through sms. Take care, see ya on Friday.

Dharani: you take care too, see ya on Friday.

They kept in touch with each other through sms daily. Nasha asked Dharani, so have you thought about telling it to him. Don’t take too much time, cause I do not want him to find out first and seeing you in broken pieces. She smiled and told Nasha, “you are my best buddy babe” Nasha smiled and said “ahh as always “

Chapter 6

It was Friday, “wow..where are you heading to today after work? Dress to kill uh.” Said Nasha after looking at Dharnai. She looked at Nasha and said “you are always playful, am meeting up with Dharmesh for dinner, you want to join us? “WOW!!! That is exciting and oh no I am not coming, I do not wish to carry a torch for the two souls who are falling in love in the dark night” said Nasha. “Gosh you are so cheesy” hahaha laughed Nasha and said no am being truthful. So where are you guy heading for dinner? Asked Nasha. We are meeting at Esplanade but yet to decide where to have dinner. Any suggestions? Asked Dharani. “Hmm..hey Esplanade, there is a nice dining place. Its called ‘The Cosy Us’ said Nasha.. sounds interesting, tell me more about it. said Dharani.

“The food is really yummy and its affordable and gosh the most romantic part, is the ambience. Its more of a couple dining place. The are no chairs the floor is carpeted at each dining area. The table is like a Japanese concept but in a heart shaped form. The are cushions at each table for the couples to have a comfy seat. The whole place is dimmed and every table is surrounded by a few scented candles and the waiter and waitress walks with a tray in their hand which has a candle on it. Each dining area is built small and comfy so that the couples will not even feel the distance even when dining,” said Nasha.

“Wow, that sounds so interesting, and by the way how did you got to know about this place. Ahh, sometimes when I go for speed dating, some of my dates brings me different places to eat and one of them is this. Said Nasha. Speed dating ?? that sounds even more interesting. said Dharani. Ahh shut up, since you have someone, you don’t need to worry about that, told Nasha. Well nothing is confirmed, so keep me updated about speed dating okay, replied Dharani. They laughed off and carried on with work.

Dharani, received a message

Dharmesh: so today confirm right, 7pm at Esplanade?

Dharani: yes, we shall have our dinner at “The Cosy Us

Dharmesh: The Cosy Us?? Where is that, I was not even updated about this place Dharani: “Lol, no worries, you meet me at the mrt station, we shall go from there.

Dharmesh: okay see ya at 7pm

Dharani: ok see ya later

Shridharani & Dharmesh

Chapter 7

She was there at 7pm, but he was late 10 mins, when he rushed to where she was waiting, she was not even angry, she just told him “finally you are here” She offered him a piece of tissue as he was a perspiring at his forehead. He took the tissue and he took something from at the back of him and gave it to her. “oh my, this is really beautiful” so are you late because of this” she asked him. He replied, oh not really, it was pre-ordered but a small delay due to the words. It was a 3 red roses in a small bouquet, where in each rose on the petals it was written in white, Shridharani I miss you. It was so beautiful that she kept holding on to it so protectively. She told him, thank you so much, it is really beautiful.

He smiled at her and said, you are welcome and what a co-incidence we are both wearing black. She went “oh ya..” he looked at her and said “Dharani you look much more beautiful like a red rose in a black long sleeve chudditar. (Indian traditional costume)

The silver embroidery near the neck line is simply nice. She looked at him..”jeesh you do observe a lot and thanks for the compliment. They went to the restaurant “The Cosy Us”

The waited for the order to come, till den she was asking him about the words in the rose petals. “So tell me how did you manage to do the words on the petals” He told her, oh I asked the same question to the florist” She gave gave him the ‘I am going to strangle you look’ He laughed and said ok, “there is a new computer laser system, where you can print what words you want on the rose petals without harming the rose. So I found it innovative and gave it a try. She was like it is really nice.

Their food came, wow, mm..yummy, so how did you know about this place said Dharmesh. She replied “Speed dating” He nearly spit his drink. You went for speed dating? He asked innocently, she laughed and said “hahahaha no not me, it was Pranasha who recommended me. Oh Nasha..I see, so how is she, send my regards to her” he told. Ya sure, anyway what’s wrong in me going for speed dating asked Dharani. He told her “oh no nothing is wrong, I was just curious. By the way you curled your hair, asked Dharmesh, “yes just the bottom of my hair, is it nice? She asked, he told her, yes


Dinner was good, they walked around, and took a cab home, he got down with her under her blk. She was like “hey thanks for the wonderful dinner and for sending me back home. He told her “its my pleasure” she smiled at him and said “not forgetting the bouquet, it was the most sweetest surprise, I feel bad that I did not get you any gift. He looked at her and said, if you want to give me a surprise, you wear the top I gave you. That will be the surprise for me. She was shocked. He waved his hands infront of her face. He asked “are you okay” she said ya I am fine.

Chapter 8

She asked, do you want to come home we can have a chat, he shrugged his shoulders and said, no problem unless you mind. She said “have a seat, make yourself home, I will be back. He went to the kitchen to got a glass of water for himself. While she was in the room, holding on to the top he gave her in her hands with tears streaming down her cheeks. Finally she made her decision, she wiped her tears, she changed to black pants and wore the top, she walked out from her room.

She came out of her room, wrapped in a black shawl, to where he was sitting. He looked at her and said, I thought you are going to wear the top and show me, nevermind you can wear it one day when you really feel like wearing it. She stood right infront of him, took of her shawl. When he saw her, he immediately stood up. But she knelt down and cried. Her body was full of cuts, scars and cigarette butts mark. His eyes was filled with tears, he knelt down, and hold her by her shoulders and asked, how did this happen? She cried as she asked “so have you got your surpise or are you shocked,” He lifted her head by her chin and asked who did this to you? She replied my husband, Sumesh. He pushed himself back to the sofa and asked “you are married?” she told him, “I was” he went closer to her and wiped her tears, tell me from the beginning what happened Dharani.

Sumesh & Shridharani

They sat on the ground. Sumesh and I were Poly mates. He was a nice guy when I met him. He was smart, he was a quiet guy but sweet. We fell in love after a fight, and we started to date each other. Everyday he had something to surprise me, but that day I saw a different side of him, it was break time, but I had project work, so it was a pair project and my friend Gautham, and I was one pair. Dharmesh cuts in “Gautham” he was a good friend of mine during poly days but now we lost contact.

Ok, and then continue, As I was doing a project with Gautham, Sumesh felt left out and he became possessive. One day Gautham was pinched my cheeks and said you are so adorable, Sumesh saw that and he punched Gautham and he slapped me. I felt embarrassed and upset that because of me, Gautham got hurt. He was so possessive, when I told him I can’t go any longer with him like this. He pleaded with me so much that I felt for it. In a blink, I realise we were getting married. He was over possseive, short-tempered, but his sweetness won me. 6mths we got married, he became obsessive. My previous work place, was more of male oriented. He suspected me daily and tortured me 1st with pinches then she scratched me with pen knive. But always after torturing me, he came crying to me and said sorry. I thought I could change him.

But things went different. He was totally changed. He started smoking, when began to question me, he burnt my arms with the cigarette butts. All of the above I forgive him. but the day I will never ever forget and forgive..

I was excited to tell him a happy news, when he came back from work, I told him, “Sumesh, come here, he came near to me and I asked him to touch my stomach, he gave me the blur look. I told him, its your child” he took his hand away, he pace up & down. He asked me, Whose child is it? I cried and told him its our Sumesh. He did not believe , in the moment of anger, he pulled my hair and slapped me, I turned around and knocked my womb against the corner of the table.

She started to cry even more..Dharmesh hushed her by holding on to her and laid her head on his shoulders..

Dharmesh asked “your baby??” She said that was the last day of me and Sumesh and my Baby. We filed for divorced and and officially divorced 3 years back.

We might be separated but the scars he has left on me has made me a less confidence person. That is the reason why I don’t wear short sleeves.

Now I am standing here with no one, just me. I am sorry I did not tell this to you earlier. When the 1st time I met you, I knew we can be good friends but as days went, I started to fall for you. But I do not want to hide anything from you. I’m sorry, said Dharani. He looked into her eyes and said, I am not bother by your past. You are my Shridharani now. Your past is a nightmare, forget it and I will help you to forget it. He wiped her tears and laid her head on his lap. He hushed her to sleep. He said, I am here always for you. To me you are always my beautiful Dharani. She fell asleep on his lap.

“Everyone has secrets, but sometimes certain secrets should be said in order to continue a relationship and some must be hidden in order to save a relationship.


Dharmesh has a secret. But he is wondering to tell Dharani now..or should he wait. Would she able to take another blow? Lets keep wondering.

Scribbled by Breaks Da Hearts Of Many Guys.

My Story, My Pride@Monday, March 09, 2009

I am not writing this because I need something to be blogged. But this story which I imagined and captured every still by my eyes. As I was traveling in the train, this whole story came to my mind.

I would like to tell all readers, this is based on my imagination and nothing else. If it has affected you in a way, pardon my apologies.

Title: Love You Till The End..It’s A Promise

The Hero – Dharmesh-
The Heroine – Shridharani

Support Hero – Sumesh, Gautham Varma
Support Heroine – Charulatha, Pranasha

The Cast: All of the cast are Models in Real Life, I have changed their name for my story. You can find their pictures in Indian Modelling Website.

Just as how my story is imagined when I was traveling in the train, their love story also begins in the train.

Chapter 1
They caught each other’s attention while they were on the escalator. While he was going up the escalator, she was in the opposite direction, going down. He was in his air-force uniform, while she was wearing a baby blue long sleeve chuditar (Indian tradition costume).

Days pass, weeks went. One day he picked his courage up and waited for her at the platform knowing she will board the train which he alights normally. Two days went, she never seem to appear. He was heart broken thinking that he would never see her again. But not losing his hope, on the third day, he waited, and he saw the walking beauty coming down the escalator. She saw him, standing with his arms crossed and looking at her. She was shocked. She thought to herself maybe he is waiting for someone, so she walked on the other side and waited for the train. He walked behind her and approached where she was sitting.

The 1st question, he asked, why didn’t you come for the past two days? I was waiting for you. She was stunned. Anyway, I’m Dharmesh. I know this is kind of weird but either one of us has to intro ourselves 1st, don’t you think so? She smiled at him and he was looking at her with the question mark face..ermm once again I’m Dharmesh and you are..

Ohh..i totally forgot to intro, I’m Shridharani. Sweet name he told her, she said thanks. Atleast now we know each other’s name, maybe we will get to know each other soon. She looked at him and said..yeah maybe…and she continued by the way, why were you waiting for me? He told, just for this opportunity. He smiled and told her, I got to go now, shall meet you here again tomorrow. He said bye and rushed off.

She was smiling to herself. As she went to work, her close colleague Pranasha caught Dharani smiling to herself. She went nearer and shouted “Caught Ya” Dharani was shocked. She asked what are you smiling at in the air? Dharani immediately said “no I was not smiling to myself, just doing my work”. Pranasha, told her “don’t lie, I saw you. So what’s the occasion? Dharani told her colleague whatever happened today.. Pranasha jumped with excitement and said “Oh my god, oh my god, this is love at 1st sight, I am so happy for you.” Dharani said Shh..this is not what you think, maybe he is just trying to be a nice friend. Pranasha said, whatever it is, I think this is love at 1st sight. Dharani said you and your nonsense and they got back to work.

The next day, this time she came a little earlier and waited too see what is happening. The train came, and he alighted, he saw her sitting exactly the same place, he approached and said Hi Shridharani, how are you? She smiled and said I’m fine. He asked, are you waiting for anyone, you seem early today. She said no, but when he looked into her eyes, he knew she was lying. He told her, where he was working etc, so she exchanged her job identity to him. She looked at him and was speaking inside her heart..Would he give his number, it would be so much easier to contact” it seems more like he read her mind cause he asked her, would you mind if we exchange numbers, it would be easier to contact. She looked lost, he waved his hand infront of her face and said “ hello, are you in the outer space?” she was like erm no..sorry what did you ask? He said I asked whether are in the outer space, she laughed and said no not that question, he was like ohh..sorry I asked whether do you mind, if we exchanged numbers. She nodded her head and replied, okay. They exchanged their numbers; he immediately called her to check whether she did save his number. He smiled and said just being precaution. The train came, he waited for her to board the train and he left to work.

At work, Pranasha asked, So dharani how is you love story going on? What was today’s episode? Dharani replied rubbish..what love story, She told her what happen today. Pranasha was happy for her friend, she shrugged her shoulders and said I don’t where this is going to lead to but it will be a happy ending. Dharani just nodded her head and thought to herself that her friend is crazy.

Chapter 2
During lunchtime, Dharani’s Hp rang, a message asking” taken ur lunch?” she smiled to herself, the message was from Dharmesh. She replied “yes and how abt u?” This time her phone rang and she answered, “Hello…said a voice, and she recalled and said Dharmesh? He said “yes, am calling from my office line”

That was their 1st conversation on the phone…

Everyday they began to meet each other at the train station. One fine day, he took up his courage once again and asked her “So Dharani, there is a new movie out, do you want to watch it with me? She looked at him, and went “hmm what movie?” He said it’s a love-comedy based story “The title is Secret Love. She said sounds interesting..he asked her so that means you agree to come with me to the movie right? She smiled, ya should not be a problem. Okay let’s fix it Saturday, 6pm show. She smiled and nodded her head.

Both of them were falling for each other secretly, but they either do not want to declare or they just do not realise it. They were each counting down the days, and finally it was Saturday. Before she leaves her home, she called her close buddy, Pranasha and told her she is having double thoughts to go for the movie. Her friend Sha encouraged her to go for the movie. Maybe its all for a good beginning. If anything emergency, better call me. I will be there in a jiff said Sha. Dharani told her thanks and went to meet him.

There he was waiting leaned against the wall, with his arms crossed, wearing a white long sleeve shirt with his sleeves folded above his wrist, with a dark denim jeans. He saw her coming towards him, wearing a baby pink ¾ sleeve chuditar with a small clutch in her hand, with a hair let down, and her wavy curls blown in air.

She approached towards him, and said Sorry, am I late? He smiled at her and no not at all. He told her, I must tell you that you really look beautiful. He smiled and she blushed and with her shy look, she said thanks.

While they walk to the theatre, she said you look nice in this white shirt. He smiled at her and said “thank you with a glee on his face”

The movie began, and she kept laughing a lot and they really enjoyed the movie as it was hilarious. He admired her laughter, the way she hold on to his arms at some point of the movie as she could not control her laughter, she realized that it was a little embarrassing for her, she took her hands away. Continued watching the movie.

After the movie, he told her I’m really famished, do you want to grab a bite, since she was hungry, she said ok.

They went to the nearest restaurant, a simple yet a beautiful ambience. He told her that the food there is really yummy. So she wanted to give it a try. While waiting for the food, they were discussing on the movie they watched, the funny moments and etc.

Chapter 3
The days went, they met often. Time gave them the opportunity to get to know each other. But somehow, Dharmesh always wanted to ask Dharani a question which he actually was reluctant to ask at 1st. One fine day, when they met for lunch, he asked her, Dharani, would you mind if I asked you something. She stopped whatever she was doing and looked at him with a surprise in her eyes. As she has no idea what he is going to ask her. He looked at her, and he asked, why is it that you always like to wear long sleeves? She looked at him and chuckled. She said “because I don’t own any short sleeves..”

They just laughed and took it as a joke, suddenly out of the blue she asked, how many ex-girlfriend you have. He took a moment of silence and he answered, none. She was shocked. Thinking in her heart, such a guy, yet he is single.. He asked her, so did any guy managed to lock your heart? She smiled at him and said no.

They went back home. Both of them was thinking, whether to tell that they are fond of each other or should they give themselves more time..

She smsed, Dharmesh and asked whether will he be free on coming Saturday night? He said yes, and asked what was the occasion, she told him, it was the moment where I came to this world. He was like oh my its your Birthday. I am free, so what’s the treat, he asked. She said not much but a few dishes cooked by myself. He was even much pretty excited. That’s cool he said. Okies count me in. SMS me your add, and see me there. She smiled to herself and said alright. Immediately she called Pranasha and asked her to come over too. Pranasha was excited to meet Dharmesh and she said of cause I’ll be there.

The following day, Dharmesh & Dharani met at the station in the morning at their usual spot. He walked to her and said “Heyz,Goodsy Morning” She was like Hi Morning to you too. seem very happy today..any good news? He was like uh? What can give you more happiness than looking at your face everyday in the morning. He said” She was like “Jeessh, where did you learn such a mushy line? She laughed. He said nowhere, just felt like telling it to you. She gave him a shy smile. So how’s your birthday preparation going on he asked, well its fine. Ahh that’s good, hmm what gift do you want for your birthday? She said “just your presence will do” He looked at her, they exchanged a smile through their eyes. Her train came and spoilt the moment. She said bye to him and board the train to work.

Pranasha was eagerly waiting for Dharani at her cubicle. Once Dharani sat at her desk, she was smiling to herself. “Caught ya, said Pranasha. What are you smiling at? Ohhh I know, you met him before you came to work right? Dharani innocently asked who is the him that you are referring to? Pranasha stared and said, Dharmesh, who else will I ask.
He is coming for your Birthday right; I am excited to meet him. She just giggled. Nasha went closer to Dharani and asked, what gift do you think he is going to surprise you with? Dharani shrugged her shoulders and said, she have no idea. I just asked his presence to be there. Pranashe sighed and said “If I were you I would have asked for “Prada, Gucci, LV, something like that. She laughed. Dharani said well you know about me.

March 21st, Dharani’s birthday, she was turning 27. She invited a few close friends to her house for a small gathering. The few close friends were no one else other than Pranasha & Dharmesh. She invited both of them to her house for dinner.

Chapter 4
Dharani’s doorbell rang, she ran from the kitchen to the hall, when she open the door, Pranasha screamed “SURPRISE!!!” Dharani was so delight to see nasha, and welcomed her in. Nasha gave a big hug and one stalk of rose with a present to Dharani With that she continued her conversation asking “where is our HERO?” Dharani asked “Our Hero??” She laughed off and said I got no idea. There goes the doorbell again. This time Nasha went to answer the door and when she open, Dharmesh screamed..”SURPRISE”..and there he was standing in shock while Nasha was laughing off. She accepted his surprise and said “Thank you, but the birthday girl is not me, please do come in.” He was embarrassed and he just smiled and walked in. The moment he saw Dharani, he could not take his eyes off her. Nasha snapped her fingers infront of his face and said “Hello..are you there?” He laughed and wished Dharani “Happy Birthday”. She shyly smiled at him and said “Thank you”. Oh ya, I forgot to intro, said Dharani. “Dharmesh please meet Pranasha and Nash this is Dharmesh.” “Hello” said both of them

They sat while, Dharani, prepared the dinner. Dharmesh bought a cake and came. So it was a small celebration among the three of them. After cutting the cake and having their dinner. Dharmesh walked around the house. He asked Dharani, you are living alone? She said yes, I lost my parents in a young age. I was brought up by my aunt who passed away 3yrs ago. So now am just living by myself. He said “oh I’m sorry” she said “its ok” Nasha asked, if you are bored at home you can always call me up for company. Am always here, Dharmesh joined in and said “Me too” Dharani replied, Thanks guys.

After playing some card and board games, Nasha was tired. So she told Dharani she was making a move. Dharani hugged her and said “Thanks for the gift and your presence. This is such a memorable day.” Nasha smiled and told her, “anything for you my friend.” Nasha asked, “Mesh are you going to stay a little longer?” He said “yes” and she was okay. “Better go home safely. Do want me to come down with you to get you a cab” asked Dharmesh. Nasha replied “oh no, its okay, I will be fine” At the door, when Dharani stood there, Nasha whispered in her ears, “he is really sweet, this is your chance” She smiled and left.

When Dharani sat at the sofa, Dharmesh stood up and gave his surprise gift to her. It was wrapped in a purple box with rose petals deco. She was shocked and she said “Thank you very much Mesh.” He told her to open his gift. She shyly smiled at him and opened his gift for her. It was a beautiful black cap sleeve silky blouse with shimmering red floral prints on it. Dharani was very happy, she told “its very beautiful mesh, I really like it a lot. Thank you.” He smiled at her and told why not you change to this top and show me now. She was stunned. She told him “Mesh I really appreciate your gift but I can’t wear it neither can I keep it just like that. I’m sorry.” He was heartbroken. He asked her “why can’t you wear it? Is it the colour you don’t like, or the design or what is it?”

She was down to her tears, and told him, “no it is a beautiful top, but I just can’t accept it. He kept asking her what is the reason. Suddenly her voice changed to a little harsh tone and said “Please don’t force me and try to understand Mesh.” He was taken a back. I’m sorry Dharani, I always saw you in long sleeves and traditional costumes. I thought you would look even more beautiful in this top. I’m sorry. He told her. He continued, anyway its getting late, I shall make a move also. When he was about to walk to the door, she held his hand and said “I’m sorry Mesh” He tapped her hand and said “its ok” He stood at the doorstep and said Bye, Happy Birthday once again. She waved and said Bye and he left.

She closed the door and squat down behind the door, held on the the top he bought for her and she cried.

He walked down the stairs and was wondering, why she did not want to wear the top. What was the reason.? He started to think what is stopping her..

The next day at the office..

*The Next Chapters to be Continued. Hope You'll wait with Eager :)

Scribbled by Breaks Da Hearts Of Many Guys.

Its a Sunday - Movie Day@Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hola to all!!! Its blogging time. 1st of all I would like to wish all my hindu friends, Happy Pongal, okay for da rest of my non-indian friends Pongal Day is also known as a day to celebrate harvesting day and a respect for all the farmers.

Well coming to some detail infos on wad has happen so far..hmm let me explain..

On Monday, 12/01 went to my sis sch also which is also my sec sch, .Margaret’s Sec to collect O’level results, as I was sitting in the canteen with my bro & dad, I had so much memories in me..

*Flash Back..Those were da days where my grp of friends we will meet a lil early b4 sch start and haf breakfast together, crap, chit-chat was such a beautiful care-free life which I enjoyed every moment. Till now if u ask me which period of my life I love da most it will be my sec sch life.

Coming back to dat day..*runs to present, my bro had to leave to work and leavin me and my dad as my sis went to collect her results, da canteen was so noisy dat my dad commented looks more like “fish market” dis reminded me of my sec sch principal, Mrs Caroline Lee who has passed away in a sudden death a few yrs ago at 2004, she used to tell da whole sch dat da market will be a better place..lolz..dats how noisy we were but we were always disciplined :)

I told my dad dat dis is da life, every student would neva ever forget. To you it might be noise, but to dem, it’s a beautiful music which will always be playing in deir mind.

My sis has chosen her path to build her future through ITE, all da best :) will be..

Tues 13/01: I accompanied my sis to Bugis to buy her b’dae clothes, oh my Bugis was damn crowded even though it was a weekday further more it was Tuesday only. I guess it was da CNY season, so most of the youngsters were shopping dere.

Walked ard, saw some nice printed T-shirts but din have enuff money to buy for myself..soon next time. Just bought da jeans and top she liked as it was my dad gave her da cash. Met my sis-in-law who came from tekka, walked ard wif her at Bugis for a while, and ate dinner, den took bus from Bugis 980 wif her and dropped wif her at Thomson and Kir & I took 855 from dere.

In the bus 855, a blind man’s actions really touched my heart. The bus was super crowded. I & Kir was standing near da bus driver, and da blind man was sitting at the seat behind the driver, but he occupied only one seat and the other was empty. He turned his body direction to us as he sensed we were standing near him, he asked us whether we wanna seat. I smiled to myself and say, its ok thank you.

Every other normal human being should learn from him seriously. Be it bus, or train, Our people seem to be ignorance even we they see pregnant, old, handicap people. Haiz..i wonder when will dey learn their lesson.

The next day..

Wednesday 14/01 My colleagues and I were having lunch and dats wen my another colleague actually dashed out, so I asked my Exec, why is she rushing out, den she said dat her mother was admitted in hospital suddenly. So I was like ohh ok..

But when my Exec told me the colleague’s family story and my exec reaction, I was a lil taken back. She told me, da colleague’s parents are staying in two diff nursing homes. So I asked my Exec, why is dat so, it dey were not bed-ridden etc, she told me No, its juz dat my colleague is the only child and since she is married with 4 daughters, she is not able to take care. When my Exec emphasize on the fact dat, “true wad only daughter how to take care”? when she said dis I was seriously shocked. I asked my Exec, in dat case if u r also only daughter once u r married off u will also put ur parent’s in a nursing home? She kept quiet and din answer.

My another close colleague, asked me dis question which is worse “Living separate from your daughter, or living separately from your spouse in two diff nursing home in your old age” I told her dat living separately from da spouse is worse.

To me, da daughter came as a third member in deir life after marriage, during courting days, marriage, living together and starting a family was wif the spouse. Being separate from him & her during old age when u need each other’s companion the most at that point of time is worst.

Respect your parent’s da world will respect you.

Two quotes on family which caught my eyes:

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. ~Barbara Bush

Den da rest of da days were like normal..

17/01 Saturday

Yest was my sis b’dae and she has turned 18..

Happy Birthday Kirthi!!!!

Bless you wif happiness, be short and sweet always..wahahahahhhaha

The world is not as beautiful as it always seem to be but, be a strong person like mum and come up in life. Even if it takes a slower time compared to others, its okay, take ur time u will reach what you have aimed for.

Sat was my paternal grandfather’s death anniversary also, same day as my sis b’dae. Went to my cousin hse for da prayers..den headed back home, after dat it was full time TV Marathon..

Then Today 18/01: Was bored, my dad gave me & my sis money to watch movie, so we used up da time went to watch Danush Movie Padikathavan. He looked handsome & sweet. He might not be da BF look a like material for some gals but to me he looked nice since da movie Devathey Kandein.

B4 the movie start we had some time, so we walked ard Northpoint, den headed to BK for a Hershy Pie and den went to watch the movie.

The movie is abt Fight, Love, Revenge. The comedy is really farnie, the couple who was sitting infront of us, esp the Guy he really laughed his lungs out..LOL!!! Da actress Tamana..gosh she looks SO FAIR!!!! Da song scene she is like da outstanding complexion man…some sgs are nice..overall it’s a good movie.

All dressed up for the movie..

Huggable Me :)

Da Movie Ticket

Hershey Pie

I look chubby...oh my..

Even though its a lil blur, i like dis pic

watcha looking at..?

Kir is having a Bite

I dun noe if Kir is showing how she cuts the pie or Advertising her Ring

A shot of the shorty Kir

After dat went to buy donuts from Donut Empire at Northpoint, took some pics at Interchange while waiting for the bus, den headed back home.

Us at the Int

Do we look alike???

jus feel like annoying her..wahahaha

Twinster wif a 7yrs gap..haha


Smile Ladies


Half a dozen

Da clearer/brighter pic

My Fav 3!!!

Right now just listening to songs and blogging.

Quote of the day: “I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.” ~Charles Schulz

Now its time to end my entry here, Remember Life Is So Beautiful :)


Scribbled by Breaks Da Hearts Of Many Guys.

My Small Life In A Big World@Saturday, January 10, 2009

As I watching the show Super Singer in Vijay Tv, the guest appearance da great director Balu Mahendra told a sentence which was so beautiful.

The saying goes like that

“If Only Beautiful Humming Birds Can Sing, The Whole Forest/Jungle Will Be Filled With Emptiness”

It is a beautiful line which is trying to say that everyone has talent. There is no one born without talent. It is BIG World, Take Every opportunity like its urs and use it.

Its 2009, and 1 week and 3 days has passed, its still going on well.

Well coming back to Super Singer, it was the emotion round. All singers have to sing 2 songs filled with two diff emotions. Oh my I should say some really had the xtra power in the voice and before Balu Mahendra left from the show he said this which I kept smiling and nodding my head, this is wad he said

“Every Moment In Life Is Filled With Emotions, From The Time We Fail Our 1st Homework/Class Test, To The Time We Lost Someone In Our Life Involves Emotion”

I would 100% agree on what he actually mentioned. Be it Happiness or Sorrow its two diff emotions which we go through everyday. We are the mysterious human being cause we would neva know in which emotion will we be in. Well that is mankind.

I have a wardrobe which is 13yrs old and it is one of my fav thing in my whole room, I am gonna be separate from it soon. Some might wonder its juz a cupboard, why such a built up emotion for it. Well like I said it has my happiness, my sorrow, it noes me in & out.

I have yet to get separated from it, but when the time comes which is like anytime actually..I was pretty surprised and shocked that shamini felt the sadness for my cupboard. Hahaha..hmm interesting, when I asked why does she feel sad, she said it was one of the entertainment when she comes to my room. *Smiles.

I am looking for a part-time job just for sat & sun, if anyone noes a place please do msg me. It can be tuition or even store job, I don’t mind.

Below is a few pics taken of my cupboard. Have a glance and if you have any thing to say, please do tag me. All comments & compliments are always welcome :)

The Front & Side Shots of my Cupboard
The Inner Side of My Cupboard

This side has more attached emotions wif me as, i haf a few pics of babies who were thrown away under the block, dustbin & void deck by irresponsibe parents. A poem for mother which i found in a magazine pretty long years ago.

Finally The Last Pic, I am Gonna miss you soon..

Well dis entry is not abt complaints or sad issues, its all abt emotions..

Remember one thing “You Know What, Life Is So Beautiful”

Scribbled by Breaks Da Hearts Of Many Guys.

Happy New Year Everyone@Thursday, December 18, 2008

When it comes to a point where you can't speak nor pen it down, the best way is to compose a song.

I am an author, by my own. I am a singer for my own music label

This is going to be a long entry or at the most it will keep you entertained as there a lot of beautiful pictures. Those of you who are viewing my page and your pc is lagging, my apologies for the inconvenience as it is overloaded with pics.

Without further a do, 1st thing I would wanna say is “My Heartfelt Warm Wishes for The New Year 2009. Wish everyone, good health, better wealth and happiness throughout. Once again Happy New Year”

My NY resolution is “to be happy and make everyone happy”

05/01/09 was my sis-in-law b’dae and was really sweet that her mum cooked dinner for us and went over to celebrate.

I took bus 855 from Harbour Front and holy cow the journey was super long. But I enjoyed the ride alone, I felt like a small kid looking outside the window for any suspense or thrilling actions.

Played wif my lil princess and my brother is back from India and he bought Saree for me & my sis and for the wifey and mother-in-law.

The saree was beautiful, please see picture below.

New Year Countdown at Kamlesh Anni hse was Wacky and interesting. Had loads of fun serious man. The food, the fun, the chats, the games, the dance…wahh I can still feel every moment.

I think everyone should make a point to atleast gather once a mth, and haf a fun day out or home, enjoy every single second you can spend with your loved ones. Once you lose that opportunity you can neva have it back. Vuew the pics below.

Okay I would like to turn the time backwards for a while to update on some impt things.

Ayyappan Poojais was a splendid moment, with pious & devotion, happiness and etc everything went well, every moment was a blessing. Some of the pics are below.

Xmas party was happening at my workplace. It was held at Marina South RiverBoat Restaurant and since I was a veggie at that point of time, my boss ordered a Veg Main course jus for myself, gosh you should view the pics to see a clearer pic

My Main Course & Side Dish

We had some performances, lucky draw, gifts exchange, photo taking session. The presents which I received from my colleagues was very sweet.

My Claims Dept

I received the lucky prize of the gift exchange from my boss…weeewiit it’s a dining voucher for 2 pax at my dream café “The Secret Garden” hehehehe

Still looking out for the best one to bring out…hahahahhaa

Met up with Shamz & Meenz, a gals nite out, went to eat at Komalas at Pennisular Plaza, walked abt the Raffles City, bought a ring for all 3 of us from accessorize shop. Pretty nice ring, and am waiting for more upcoming days to spend together.

Well, to take a look back at 2008, many things happened, surprise, shocks, sad, happy, etc, but wadeva it is “Life Is So Beautiful”

2009 will be a much better year for me and as well for all others too.

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Scribbled by Breaks Da Hearts Of Many Guys.